Stackable Conveyors

Channel frame construction provides the rigidity needed to use, transport, and re-use time and again. Transport up to 8 Stackable Conveyors on a legal size load. 3-Ply 330 PIW belting is the standard on our material transfer systems. Available in widths of 24”, 30” or 36” and in lengths up to 60 feet for stackable conveyors.DEMI Stackable Conveyors

DEMI Standard Features include: Channel Frame Construction, Electric Drive Motor, Dodge Gear Reducer (V-Belt Drive), Lagged Drive Pulley, Integrated DEMI Screw Take-Up, and 3-Ply 330 PIW Belting.

Custom Fabrication Options: Bolt-on Stands, Pin-On Pin-Lift Radial Undercarriage, Power Raise, DEMI Swivel Plate, Power Travel Package, 1/4” Custom Collecting Hopper, Full Length Guarding, Full Length Side Boards with Skirting, Backstop.